Late Show Pencil
LS Ticket 6/2/98
My Ticket to the 6/2/98 taping of the Late Show.

On June 2nd, 1998, I, Bill Lehecka, made my seventh trip to the Ed Sullivan Theater to see the "Late Show with David Letterman." For this trip, I had already been home for a month and was settled into my job as webmaster of Syosset Ford. I wanted to take Kim on this trip with me, but she was working and I didn't want to take her away from her job, so, once again, I took my sister Mary (This was her fourth trip!). She once again drove me into Manhattan, and I must say, going on the Long Island Expressway to the Midtown tunnel there is a marvelous view of Manhattan and it's major buildings. I wish I took a picture, again... Oh well.

Now before this trip, I left a message with Victoria saying I was coming. However, she wasn't there June 2nd. At the time of publication, Victoria's now working in Florida. She told me that's a place she'd always love to work because she's from there. I'm happy for her, and I wish her all the best.

Mary and I parked in the same place as we did before, on 53rd street and an affordable parking garage. We went in line. We had numbers 31 and 32, so we were looking good. This time there was no moving up in line, and part of me felt better about that. May 4th when I was whisked away was amazing, but I kind of like it when I'm equal with everyone else. My sister Mary was hoping to sit on the floor since she never has, however, we got balcony, 2nd row, near the sound guy. The sound guy even yelled at me for leaning up against his equipment (The guy must have told so many people to not lean on the thing, when he told me, he was forceful, but almost bored... :-) ).

Eddie Brill once again did his amazing warmup. The preshow video was a good change, Dave goes around Los Angeles (You know, Tacos for everyone, smash things under the car, dipstick, etc. etc.) Mary was happy for the change. The preshow went on as normal, and Dave came out. He talked about always sleeping in the yard, and to make sure you always check yourself for ticks. by the way, no questions were taken.

Act I featured summer plans of the celebrities. One comment made about Andy Rooney was edited out of the broadcast. The guests on that night were Norm MacDonald (Great Guest, always pointed at Paul. Also worth noting this was the episode that Norm talked about his movie Dirty Work getting banned by Don Ohylmeyer (idiot)), Jacques Villenueve (Race Car guy, I think Formula 1, I'm not sure. I'm not big on watching racing, but I love doing it on the Northern State... :-) ), and Singer Randy Travis (He wasn't bad at all). The show ended, and I was satisfied.... until...

I was stopped by Letterman assistant Helen Stoddard (Some AFL'ers may remember her as the person who composed Marilyn Sargent's letter from Dave about her amazing Christmas Poem). She was out of breath from trying
Late Show Mug
A picture of the mug
given to me as a gift.
to find me. She was sent up by Laurie Diamond because Laurie spotted me in the audience (If some of you may recall, my laugh was pointed out by one Mike McIntee of the Wahoo Gazette. If I recall, he compared it to one John McD of Rosie O'Donnell fame. Geez louise!). Anyway, Helen said that since I was such a big fan of the show, she brought me cue cards from the monologue, A Late Show with David Letterman coffee mug (Pictured on the right), and new Late Show pencils that aren't even on the market yet (They are now. An example of one is at the top of the page)! I was so grateful! I thanked her and made my way out of the theater with cue cards and a coffee mug. Mary made a passing comment that the floor would be a great place for her to sit next time. Oh well.; There's Trip Number 7. When will trip 8 take place? Who knows. (ed. note, well, you can find the link below... :-) )

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